The Best Man

The best man needs to be someone you can count on because he has a lot of duties. He will be one of the busiest people at the wedding. He needs to be someone who can manage several activities at once. His list of responsibilities varies but could include travel agent, witness, valet, toastmaster, messenger, advisor, coordinator of the ushers or chauffeur.

Before the wedding

Before the wedding the best man should review with the groom
1. Wedding attire
2. lodging for out of town ushers
3. boutonnieres
4. the marriage license
5. bachelor party

The Wedding Day

On the wedding day the only thing that the groom should have to worry about is arriving for the ceremony on time.

  • The best man should make sure the Groom is perfectly dressed and groomed and that his boutonniere is placed over the button hole on his coat lapel.
  • The best man should carry the Bride’s ring in his vest pocket or on his little finger to give to the Groom at the appropriate time during the ceremony.

At the Wedding site (at least 30 minutes before)

  • The best man should only briefly leave the Groom to make sure the ushers made it, that they are properly dressed, and that they have their boutonnieres.
  • The best man should also at this time deliever the sealed envelopes with gratuities or fees to the wedding official, musicans, etc. The envelopes should be presented in the name of the Groom.
  • The best man gets the Bride and Groom off to the reception site as quickly as possible.
  • If the reception is at another location the best man should arrange for transportation for the Bride and Groom.
  • If a driver for the Bride and Groom is unavailable the best man will act as chauffeur.