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Choosing Your Flower Girl’s Dress

If you have decided on a flower girl for your wedding, it is time to choose her dress

If you have decided on a flower girl for your wedding, it is time to choose her dress, which can actually be a fun time for her and you. After all, next to the bride, the flower girl will be getting a lot of the ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’.

When choosing a flower girl’s dress, begin by checking out boutiques that specialize in children’s wedding wear. A regular wedding shop may be able to help, however usually these shops will only adjust adult measurements to fit a small child, which could cause the dress to look disproportionate to the child’s body frame.

Although the bride may already have a design in mind for choosing the flower girl’s dress, remember that the parents will be paying for it, unless otherwise arranged. Let the flower girl’s mom and the flower girl, herself give opinions to the dress you are looking at and be sure it is in a price range they can afford.

Remember to keep in mind that little girls grow fast

Remember to keep in mind that little girls grow fast, when choosing your flower girl’s dress. If you are ordering the dress six months in advance, you may want to add a few inches to the dress, which can then be altered the week before the wedding. Just like with any dress, it will be easier to take it in than adding material to a dress that is too small.

Little girls like to feel like princesses in their dresses. So consider a smaller make to your wedding gown when choosing a flower girl’s dress. Traditional flower girl dresses are usually white with full, ruffle skirts underneath to give them the ‘bridal’ look. Flower accented dresses are also popular among flower girls. Use hoop slips to give them that princess look. Keep in mind the material you are selecting. A soft, silky feel will leave your flower girl less fidgety versus and rougher material that will make them itch and feeling uncomfortable.

When choosing your flower girl’s dress, do not forget to find matching accents for her hair

When choosing your flower girl’s dress, do not forget to find matching accents for her hair. Decide if you want her hair up or down. With either, adding baby’s breath and ribbons will give her a beautiful look of enchantment. Also let her parent’s know what type of shoe you would like her to wear with her dress. If you choose a shorter dress, close toe or an open sandal, depending on the time of year, would be appropriate. If the dress is long and flowing, covering her feet, think about letting her wear white slippers. This will ensure her comfort and make the event more enjoyable for everyone.

Flower girls add a cute touch to any wedding. Let her carry a beautiful bouquet or throw flower pedals down the aisle as she walks, which is usually the tradition of her role. If the child you choose is too small to walk, decorate a red wagon in a lot of white lace and flowers and let an older child, or bridesmaid pull the wagon down the aisle.


These are links to like-minded national photojournalists that will travel

These are links to like-minded national photojournalists that will travel. We are dedicated to producing artistic and fun wedding images and hold our art and business practices to the highest standards. Although we share a photojournalistic and creative documentation approach when photographing weddings, each of us has our own unique vision and style. We invite you to take some time and visit all the links on this page. You won’t be disappointed.

In order to join this National Wedding Photographer’s Network, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a working professional photographer, photographing weddings
  • You must have a website for your business with it’s own domain
  • You must have more than 40 wedding images on your website
  • At least 70% of the images on your website must showcase a documentary style of photography
  • You must be willing to travel either internationally or nationally to photograph weddings
  • Your website must be clean, professional, and up-to-date.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gowns

Using sustainable fabric is a huge trend in the fashion world right now, and wedding fashion is no exception

Using sustainable fabric is a huge trend in the fashion world right now, and wedding fashion is no exception.  Materials like organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and soy blend fabric have a lower impact on the environment than traditional formal wear fabric, and they look and feel just as great – if not better!

At Olivia Luca, you can create a custom-designed gown to your exact specifications using eco-friendly materials like fair trade hand-woven silk shantung, organic linen, and hemp silk charmeuse. With Olivia Luca’s online Design Studio, you can create a one-of-a-kind dress that’s perfect for your wedding day.  The sketches shown above represent just a few of literally hundreds of different options.  I had so much fun pairing the different styles and colors and fabrics, it almost makes me want to get married again (don’t tell my hubby I said that)!

Using sustainable materials isn’t the only way to go green on your big day.  Opting for dresses made with salvaged vintage materials is also easy on Mother Earth.  There are heaps of unused and barely-used vintage fabric and clothing items just waiting for someone to make something beautiful out of them – why not your wedding gown?

The stunning, one-of-a-kind gown pictured above puts a unique spin on the “something old” tradition – it is made from 100% reclaimed vintage fabric scraps in shades of white, cream, and pale blush pink.  The colors and the silhouette are so chic and romantic!  The dress is completely handmade by Tawny Holt, the designer behind the couture fashion label Amour sans Anguish.  All of Tawny’s bespoke creations are made of fabric recycled from vintage garments that might otherwise go to waste.  You will definitely make a statement in a gown like this!

Another eco-friendly shopping tip: channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and opt for a vintage or pre-owned gown.  Most of them have been worn only once or never been worn, and buying used can help you save some green while going green!  Plus, when you purchase a vintage wedding gown, you know you are going stand out from the crowd.  Look for timeless pieces that express your personal style.  Choose a 30s gown for old-school glamour, a 50s frock for classic femininity, or a 70s style for boho chic.

I found this 1950s era tea-length princess dress at the online boutique Posh Girl Vintage.  This is the perfect dress for dancing the night away!  Layer upon layer of chiffon and tulle fabric give the dress a flirty, feminine silhouette that is guaranteed to make you feel like the belle of the ball.  The shorter tea length gives it an unexpected, modern twist.

Look for fab vintage bridal pieces at your local thrift and consignment stores, or do a quick web search to find tons of amazing vintage boutiques online.  Also check out eBay for a huge selection of pre-owned wedding dresses at bargain prices.








Splurge vs. Steal: Bridal Shoes

For this special edition of Splurge vs. Steal, spendy designer bridal shoes will go toe to toe (literally!) with their less expensive – but equally chic – counterparts.  I found some absolutely gorgeous shoes, and grouped them into six categories according to style– classic, feminine, casual, glamorous, offbeat, and romantic.  I hope this guide helps you find a pair that suits your style perfectly!


For the traditional bride, try a great pair of peep toe d’Orsay pumps in classic white with a pretty fabric flower detail.  These shoes will look sensational with just about any dress.  When your wedding is over, have them dyed black and you’ll be able to wear them forever!

This timeless pair features luxurious satin fabric, leather lining, and a skinny covered heel.  The rose detail is the icing on the (wedding) cake!  “Pomposo” shoes by Stuart Weitzman, $325.

These shoes have all the same details as the designer pair – satin upper, leather lining, covered stiletto heel, and pretty rose detail – for a fraction of the price.  “Anjelica” shoes by Steve Madden, $69.95.


Your wedding day is the perfect time to go all out with girly, feminine details like soft pleating, muted colors, and flowing fabric.  Since this is a more specific style, try to match the detail on the shoes with the detail on your dress – both these pairs would look great with a vintage-inspired lace gown.

This pair is feminine and sexy at the same time with its champagne color, peep toe, and ruched lace detail.  Ruffle peep-toe pump by Nina Ricci, $725 at eLuxury.

These shoes are so pretty!  The ruffle detail around the heel and the soft color recall the designer version, but this version femmes it up even more with pleated satin and a sweet bow at the toe.  Satin pumps by Make me Chic, around $20.


If you are planning to have your wedding at a beach or other outdoor location, casual footwear is the way to go – you’ll look and feel great all day!  But just because you’re going casual doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.  My picks feature dreamy details worthy of any princess bride!  Both pairs would look stunning with a gauzy, flowing gown and loose, wavy hair.

These flat sandals with lace and chain trim are so gorgeous and unique.  They are part hippie chic, part rocker chick, and part girly girl!   Chain lace sandal by Nina Ricci, $525 at eLuxury.

These shoes aren’t an exact copy of the designer pair, but they capture the feel with their flat sole, delicate ankle strap, and allover lace detail.  “Lacey Lady” flats by All Black, $55.63 at Endless.


Step up the glamour on your big day with shoes worthy of any A-list Hollywood diva!  Choose details like metallic leather, sky-high heels, and jeweled embellishments to channel your inner starlet.  These would look fabulous with a slinky silk gown with a dramatic open back, swept up hair, and lots of sparkly jewelry!

These shoes are the definition of glamour!  A panel of Swarovski crystal embellishment accents the metallic leather straps, and the four-inch heel will transform you into a head-turning glamazon!  Jeweled sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti, $1,044.95 at Endless.

These gorgeous sandals will make you feel like a star.  The strappy style, metallic finish, towering heel, and bejeweled t-strap emulate the designer shoes perfectly.  “Helene” sandals by Unlisted, $59.95 at Endless.


For the bride who doesn’t follow the rules, a bright and beautiful pair of shoes in a bold floral print!  This style would look amazing with a vintage tea-length princess dress and a big, colorful bouquet.  My picks are so versatile and stylish, you’ll be able to wear them long after your wedding day – bring them on your honeymoon and pair them with jeans or a sexy pencil skirt!

These shoes are truly unique.  The pretty floral print, metallic leather trim, and cutout details are sure to make you stand out from the crowd!  Heels by Luciano Padovan, $315 at Yoox.

The stiletto heel has been replaced with a demure flat sole and the metallic leather with jeweled embellishments, but the floral pattern on these shoes is almost identical to the designer pair!  Plus, the price is almost too good to be true.  Floral flats, $13.20 at Go Jane.


I love the idea of embracing romantic details on your wedding day, and your shoes should be no exception!  Choose a pair of sweet ballet flats with pearl details to show off your softer side.  Pair them with a billowy, empire waist dress à la Juliet Capulet, and sweep your Romeo off his feet!

These delicate flats are made of supple bone-colored leather and adorned with pretty ruffles and lustrous pearls.  Worthy of the most amorous ensemble!  “Pearl” flats by Jeffrey Campbell, $109.95 at Nordstrom.

These charming ballerina flats pair strands of pearls with sparkling rhinestones and sweet bows for a look that would inspire even Shakespeare himself!  Rhinestone pearl flats, $15.80 at Go Jane.






Guestbook Options

So while you’re out soaking up your newly married life and taking pictures with your new husband and wedding party

So while you’re out soaking up your newly married life and taking pictures with your new husband and wedding party, your guests will likely be arriving at your cocktail hour or reception. Traditionally, this is the time when they sign the guestbook as a rite of passage before being allowed to enter the shindig.

Old Faithful

The standard guestbook that can be purchased at any craft store or at any online bridal shop is usually a white or ivory book with every page identical to the one before it. You’ve got about 20 lines per page and every guest is asked to write their name address and phone number on a single line.

Side note: Those lines are never long enough.

The book usually comes complete with a coordinating ink pen to be used exclusively for the signing of the book. Because these book and pen sets are usually only used for weddings, they can be overpriced, so be sure to watch out for that.

Old Faithful is nice because when it comes time to write your thank you notes, you have everyone in attendance and their addresses organized in one place. The bad thing is it leaves little room for your guests to really express themselves. Everyone has to fit neatly between the lines and it’s not very fun or expressive.

Engravable Platter

This option can be a little more contemporary. Basically you have a silver platter that comes with a special engraving tool used to write on the platter. The platters come in many different varieties and most people will just make it available somewhere in the reception room, rather than requiring guests to sign it before entering.

The engravable platter is nice because guests are free to write whatever they’d like and you can be certain – they will. There are a few things to take note of though. Make sure you order a platter large enough for all your guests. Because they’re not restricted to a single lines, the length of their prose might get a little out of hand and you want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute.

Also, you’ll be missing out on the organization aspect of the traditional guest book. This means you likely won’t have any addresses or phone numbers that you were hoping for to help complete your thank you cards.

Guest Book Frame

Another option I’ve seen a lot of lately is the guest book frame. The bride and groom are the featured attraction in this option. It’s usually a picture from an engagement session set in a nice frame with matting, minus the top glass piece. Guests can come by at their leisure and use the provided marker to sign the mat. The pros and cons of the guest book frame are very similar to those of the engravable platter, with one exception. Your guests have even less room to sign since the picture will take up a good amount of the space.

Keep in mind that any of these options could be spun to fit the look and feel of your wedding.  One good idea might be to put that traditional guestbook at the door for when guests arrive, but put one of the other non-traditional options on a table set up in the room. That way you guarantee that you have an organized list of all your guests with their contact information, but you also have a keepsake piece where guests were given the opportunity to really express themselves.





your big day

We hope to list ways of saving money for your big day

We hope to list ways of saving money for your big day – as you know if you’ve started planning a wedding, there is already so much to pay for. We have found some great ways of making your own wedding invitations – which we’re sure you’ll like. If you’ve made your own invites then why not send us a picture of your wedding invitation and we’ll publish it on the site here!






We’d also like to make it clear that we *love* wedding cake – and are hoping to bring you the perfect recipe if you want to make your own! If you’ve got a recipe or wedding freebie you’d like to share with us then please get in touch. We’ll be happy to share your ideas with all of our visitors.

There is a free wedding brochure you can send for, and some £10 vouchers which you can spend on your underwear for your wedding, as well as a £10 voucher for Confetti.

We’ve also listed places to buy alcohol for your wedding reception – as we think you’d love these money off vouchers we’ve got for you.
We’ve listed some online jewellers and other sites we think you might find really useful.

If you’re getting married then you’ll find the links we’ve put together useful – if you have favourite sites we’ve not mentioned then please get in touch. If you’d like to tell us about your wedding plans, your wedding or any aspect of you getting married then we’d love to hear from you.

You could spend virtually nothing on your wedding – wearing clothes you already have, holding a cheap reception at home, and not going away on honeymoon, but you could have a lot more fun if you know how!

Lots of pubs offer free room hire for events and parties. You can get a cheap buffet done, or take your own. Ask around at lots of your local pubs and you might be pleased to find one nicer and nearer than you think.

Getting married costs on average over £15000. That is such a mad amount of money to spend!

Wedding Traditions

Have you ever wondered why we do the things we do at weddings. Well here are some the ways that modern day Wedding traditions began.

The first record of a multi-tiered Wedding Cake

One of the oldest and fondest wedding traditions, the wedding cake has been associated with weddings throughout history. Many say that the wedding cake as we know it began in England in the 17th century. The first record of a multi-tiered wedding cake was in Great Britain in 1840, for Queen Victoria’s wedding, it was more that nine feet in circumference.

The Duties of the Best Man

The Best Man

The best man needs to be someone you can count on because he has a lot of duties. He will be one of the busiest people at the wedding. He needs to be someone who can manage several activities at once. His list of responsibilities varies but could include travel agent, witness, valet, toastmaster, messenger, advisor, coordinator of the ushers or chauffeur.

Before the wedding

Before the wedding the best man should review with the groom
1. Wedding attire
2. lodging for out of town ushers
3. boutonnieres
4. the marriage license
5. bachelor party

The Wedding Day

On the wedding day the only thing that the groom should have to worry about is arriving for the ceremony on time.

  • The best man should make sure the Groom is perfectly dressed and groomed and that his boutonniere is placed over the button hole on his coat lapel.
  • The best man should carry the Bride’s ring in his vest pocket or on his little finger to give to the Groom at the appropriate time during the ceremony.

At the Wedding site (at least 30 minutes before)

  • The best man should only briefly leave the Groom to make sure the ushers made it, that they are properly dressed, and that they have their boutonnieres.
  • The best man should also at this time deliever the sealed envelopes with gratuities or fees to the wedding official, musicans, etc. The envelopes should be presented in the name of the Groom.
  • The best man gets the Bride and Groom off to the reception site as quickly as possible.
  • If the reception is at another location the best man should arrange for transportation for the Bride and Groom.
  • If a driver for the Bride and Groom is unavailable the best man will act as chauffeur.