So we all know there are four seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

Yes, that means leave a comment if you care to share your opinion. So we all know there are four seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Spring and Summer seem to be the two biggest seasons to tie the knot. Fall is eh, and Winter just falls by the wayside.


Spring, well spring is beautiful and everything is blooming after a long harsh winter (depending on your location). Spring is a great time to begin the marriage since its the season of new beginnings. Personally, I would never get married in spring because it’s not really romantic to me. Spoiler, Fall is my season.


Summer, yep, wedding season at its best. Everyone gets married in the summer because of beaches and outdoorsy little places plus it has been a tradition since ancient times. Ancient times, Jtyler? Yes reader, since the greeks and romans. The goddess Juno/Hera reigned over marriage and June was her month so you would be married and blessed by a goddess. I wrote about this before if you are interested in a history lesson, Wedding Blessed by a Goddess. That aside, Summer is nice but AHH it is so bloody hot outside. If you can deal with the heat then it would definitely be worth it because of garden and beach venues.


Fall, now this is my season. The weather is cool and the scenery is beautiful! The leaves are so many colors and it really looks like a canvas painted by mother-earth. An afternoon, outdoor wedding in a meadow during Fall is what I dream about. That is really romantic then the night falls and you can cuddle by a warm fire as newly weds….Ah, I was carried away there for a moment. Do yall know of any downsides to a fall wedding?


Winter, it is freezing outside. If you are into vikings, snowboarding, skiing, eskimo things then by all means get married then. The only plus side about winter is that it is summer in the opposite hemisphere so vacation wedding destination!!!!! I am lacking on information in this season so by all means lay some knowledge on me.

That’s it for what I think.  I am dying to hear what all of you have to think about the seasons. When you are getting married and why that season? When did you get married and why? Or just your thoughts about it if you agree and disagree.