The world of men’s wedding bands has done some pretty cool things in recent years

The world of men’s wedding bands has done some pretty cool things in recent years. I’m no expert on the subject, but I do love jewelry, and really love having lots of options when it comes to purchasing some!

Now you have so many choices when shopping for your guy’s ring. Not just styles, but the material of which the bands are made! So if gold, silver, and platinum just aren’t your style (or fit in your budget), rejoice and read up on some alternatives!


Tungsten carbide rings are supposed to be the most wear-resistant rings (and since you’ll be married for a long, long, LONG time, this makes them a great option! :D ). It’s 10 times harder then 18K gold and 4 times harder than titanium, which allows them to keep their shape longer then other available options. They stay shiny and don’t bend!


This lightweight metal only weighs about 1/3 as much as gold! Its shiny finish can be marked by abrasive materials, but can easily be polished. (Maybe it’s just me but there is something I love about a worn wedding band.) If you go this route, make sure your finger measurement is perfect – titanium rings can’t be resized.

Cobalt Chrome

This rings boast a metal that is five times harder than gold. It’s unique characteristic is its bright silvery-white color that looks like white gold and platinum. It’s shatter and scratch resistant and sizeable. It’s harder to cut through in emergency situations, but it can be done.

Stainless Steel – Perhaps the best choice for a small budget, stainless steel bands are hypoallergenic and don’t tarnish (like silver).


A new(er)comer to wedding bands, this type of ceramic isn’t the kind that your dishes are made out of! When used for rings, ceramic is combined with zirconium and/or yittra and mixed with special bonding agents which results in an extremely hard, forever-polished material. It’s possible to get ceramic bands in different colors, not just a grey-black!


This one doesn’t need much explaining! A natural material, wood can be manipulated by hand to create rings. They are definitely not as sturdy as the metals listed above, but they are unique, handmade, and just plain cool!


Another option that doesn’t need much explaining. I have nothing against tattoos (well, I do – I hate needles), but this is the only one I would ever consider getting. There is just something completely awesome about a wedding ring you can’t take off.

Whether you go with tungsten or a tattoo, or anything in between, it’s the reason you’re wearing that ring that really matters! But hey, us ladies have an unimaginable number of options when it comes to our jewelry. I think it’s only fair that the guys have a few more options to pick from!