Capturing the most important day of your life on video is critical

Capturing the most important day of your life on video is critical. Your wedding day is so hectic and filled with emotion. It’s impossible for you to see everything that is going on and the emotion felt by your family and guests.

Our professional videographers will capture the entire day events on tape. We then digitally master 8+ hours of raw footage into a 30-60 minute tape capturing the highlights of your wedding.

Our video editors are true artists. They create videos that allow you to recapture those heartfelt moments over and over again without the desire to fast forward the tape.

Our equipment is state of the art

Our equipment is state of the art. We use 3-chip digital cameras with wireless microphones and run 2 cameras throughout the day. We are familiar with where to position ourselves and are very discrete,, you won’t even know we are there. There is no time limit, we will be there 1 hour before to capture the Pre Ceremony and will stay until you leave.

We only offer one package. Why you ask! Because you deserve to have it all at one great price. Rather than picking and choosing and having to compromise features you will receive all of the features of our competitors top end packages.