When it comes to your wedding budget, it seems that all the advice you are given centers around how to save money, but do you know where you can actually spend money & splurge on your wedding?

When it comes to your wedding budget, it seems that all the advice you are given centers around how to save money, but do you know where you can actually spend money & splurge on your wedding? Before you reach for your check book, here are some tips on which aspects of your day are worth spending more money on.

1. Wedding Photography

Its a sad fact but all your hard work will be a distant memory the day after your wedding. Your cake will be no more, the flowers wilted & your dress back in its cover & hanging in the closet. But your photographs will live on long after the last of the champagne has been drunk. Your wedding photos are your souvenir of your day & a reminder of all the hard you put in, as well as how fabulous you all look & how wonderful it was. So it is worth spending more of the wedding budget on a top notch photographer to make sure your photos document every aspect of your day.

Be a bit savvy & shop around for the best photographer you can find. Make sure they are someone you feel comfortable with & can fit with your budget. Ask about packages which are often good value for money, but make sure you take a good look at what is offered & swap out anything you dont like or want. Deluxe wedding albums, websites & other novelty items all seem like a definite must have, but they wont make your pictures any nicer than they already are & can add a considerable amount to the price. Ask to see previous work, be sure that any editing carried out, such as re-touching, cropping & printing are better than you could do yourself! Make sure you will get a set of pictures printed by the photographer & ask about getting a CD with your pictures on so your can get re-prints for family & friends.

2. Your Wedding Dress and Appearance

Lets face it, for many of us some days are better than others. Ever had that feeling when you wake up in the morning that nothing is going to look or feel right & the day will just be miserable? Then the next day you wake up feeling bright & breezy & everything is perfect & right with the world. Your wedding day should definitely be the latter, you want to walk down the aisle feeling confident & fabulous. Feeling on top of the world during your wedding day will not only help you get through the day with a smile on your face but will also come through in your photographs. With this in mind dont be tempted to go out & buy the cheapest wedding dress you can find. Spend more money on getting the dress of your dreams & one which will make you feel a million dollars the second you put it on. Dont skimp on your accessories, shoes or make-up either. Cheap versions here could let down your dress & spoil your whole look. Dont forget the groom either. You need him to look his best too, so splurge a bit on his suit or tuxedo as well.

But be wise, the most expensive dress in the store is not necessarily the right one. Check out sales, sample sales & discount stores for the best deals. Dont dismiss second hand gowns either. Ebay is often full of designer gowns at bargain prices.

3. The Right Wedding Officiant

When you really think about it, your wedding is all about the two of you & the way in which you say I do. Therefore your ceremony is the most important part of the day, the reception afterwards is just the cherry on the top & nothing more than just a celebration of the fact you both just said I do! So when you come to choose your officiant pick wisely. Make it is someone you are comfortable with & can get along with. Make sure they share your beliefs & are prepared to give you the ceremony you both want. If you already know someone but need to fly them in, then so be it or take the time to find someone locally.

If you find the perfect ceremony location but dont like the officiant provided there, then dont be afraid to ask about bringing in your own.

4. Your Sanity

There is little doubt that planning a wedding is a stressful experience. The pressures on you both to create the perfect wedding seem immense & at times it can all get too much to bear. So make room in your budget for some things that will help you to relax & take a break from all the plans & all the details. If you need to hire a wedding planner or coordinator, do so. A good wedding planner is worth their weight in gold & they can take a lot of the pressure off. Another option is to just splurge on a day at the spa with a friend. Remember that being relaxed on your wedding day is more important than the color of the ribbon on the favors!

Taking time out to relax doesnt have to cost the earth though. Delegate some of the tasks on your planning list to family & friends, you dont have to do everything yourself!

5. Whats Most Important to You

Take some time to consider the finer details & what is important to you both. Perhaps you dream of having a fireworks display or a luxurious chocolate wedding cake. It is your wedding & you should make exception for those little details that will make the day special for you.

When you fill out your budget planner remember that in order to accommodate those special little touches you will have to reduce the budget in other areas. There are other ways to include special details to your day, think about personal wedding readings or borrowing family heirlooms such as your mothers jewelry or wedding veil.