Since we were little girls, all of us dream of having a fairy tale wedding. We used to imagine what kind of gown we would want to wear at our wedding, what kind of theme we would want to have and many other things. When the day is actually coming closer, there are so many details to take care of and it could sometimes become rather overwhelming. Choosing where to hold the reception, shopping for the wedding gown, thinking about decorations and arranging food for the guests are just a few of many items that come along with this celebration of love. And of course, all of us want to make our wedding the most memorable wedding for ourselves, families, as well as for the rest of the guests. 

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a long standing tradition

Giving out wedding favors as a display of true appreciation is a long standing tradition. Everything that is seen at the wedding: from the reception place to the menu, will be certainly enjoyed on this special day. However, it is the wedding favor that will make the wedding to be remembered for a long time. So picking out the right party favor is extremely important. But with a great number of options out there for these little tokens of love and appreciation, sometimes, it could cost a tremendous amount of time to decide which one to choose. 

So, where do we start on deciding which wedding keepsake to choose? Here are some pointers to help us decide the right favors for our guests. By determining the theme and personality of the wedding beforehand, picking the appropriate wedding favors should be as easy as an ABC.

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Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

What is something that is most remembered about the wedding besides the brides’ gown and the food? Of course, flower arrangements – since they primarily define the theme of the wedding – Remember that different flowers represent various meanings of love. By choosing something like charming calla lilly bouquet candles, calla lily photo frames or even calla lilly design napkin holders as a favor can accent the symbols of beauty and exquisiteness of the wedding.

A traditional yet timeless long stem rose crystal can enhance the elegance and romance of the magnificent wedding. Or if we want to intensify passion and exoticism, orchids gel candles or scented orchid-shape soap will be one of the most appropriate favors to share this special moment of your life. 

If we are one of the practical types, we may want to start our wedding favors selection by thinking about practical items such as key chains, coasters, CD cases and many more. One good thing about choosing practical wedding favors is that the guests will be using them often, and thus, our wedding will be remembered every time they use the favors we handed out. But some of us may think that practical items may not be as lovely as other decorative favors.

We could, for sure, scratch that idea since there are so many items with sophistication and perfection. Who can deny a cute sandal shaped notepad that can go with a beach theme or even a chic jewelry pouch; not to mention a sweet pair of silver pear shaped salt and pepper shaker that could definitely leave our guests in awe. 

more to come

But wait. There are more to come. Some of us even want to go beyond the most common favors simply because we want to add more fun and attitude to the splendor of this ceremony. For instance, those who have passion for western theme could choose a shooter charm that enriches a personal touch of entertainment. Or perhaps choosing a unique ethnic theme such as a coaster painted with the word “love” in Chinese or Spanish will make the favors more exclusive and meaningful. 

In short, most of us may think that choosing an affordable wedding favor can be time consuming. But it does not have to be that much work once we have some tips on where to start. Always remember that it is the company of friends and family that make a wedding memorable. Rewarding those who come to share your special day with a thoughtful favor gift is a wonderful way to show your appreciation.