How To Plan Your Own Wedding And Have It  Turn Out Perfectly Saving Yourself  Money, Time and Frustration

At Last! Everything You Need to Throw the Perfect Wedding – Including Insider Tips, “Do’s and Don’ts”, Time-Proven Advice, Money-Saving Techniques, Fresh Ideas and More – Are Revealed!

Dear Bride-To-Be

Your wedding is, quite simply, one of the most important events of your life. It’s a time of exciting change that is celebrated in many different ways, but no matter how it is celebrated it always symbolizes unity and trust between the two people being joined together.

Now, as you prepare for your wedding, you’ll want to make it the best day it can be for you and those you care about.

This means a lot of planning for both you and your fiancé, as well as for your family and friends.Dear Bride-To-Be

Things, such as the invitations , reception , catering , music , dress , ring , and transportation and much more, all must be taken into account and planned for.

But luckily for you, I’m about to reveal something that makes planning the perfect wedding faster and easier than you probably ever imagined it could be – something so incredible that it could make this the most important letter you read before you get married!

That’s right, all the tips, tricks, advice and techniques you need to know to plan the perfect wedding are now available in one convenient, inexpensive ebook!

Get this incredible, comprehensive guide today and you’ll be well on your way to truly enjoying the best day of your life.

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Here is just SOME of what you will learn:

  • The history and customs of marriage – you’ll learn how the bonding of people into long-lasting, formalized, and committed relationships has survived as an institution for thousands upon thousands of years!
  • What wedding rings symbolize and how to select the perfect one – including where and how to find the highest quality diamond!
  • How to turn the selection of your wedding dress from the most stressful aspect of planning a wedding into the most enjoyable – you’ll definitely be surprised at what you read here!
  • How to choose a dress that fits you perfectly and ensures you’ll never have looked more beautiful than you do on your wedding day – follow these tips and you are sure to mesmerize your fiancé and friends and family when you walk down the aisle!
  • How to select the perfect location for your wedding – this is one of the most important considerations you will have to make when planning your wedding … here I’ll give you tips that will make this process as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • How to plan the wedding ceremony – find out what you should always consider when planning this huge part of your wedding day … plus, learn how to plan the rehearsal and how to pick an officiant, as well!
  • 5 questions you should always ask your officiant before the wedding – forget to do this and your wedding could be ruined!
  • How to select the right invitations for your wedding – I’ve even included sample wording that you may want to use to ensure your invitations “set the proper mood”
  • What other materials you may want to consider including with your invitations – should you also send reception cards, response cards, announcements, maps, and other materials? Find out here!
  • How to choose the right food for the reception – follow these tips and everyone is sure to enjoy the event!
  • How to use flowers to add bright splashes of life and color to your event – follow these tips and you are sure to have a beautiful wedding!
  • How to choose take-home gifts – giving guests something to remember your wedding by is a common way of cementing the good feelings produced by the ceremony and festivities, find out just how to do it here … I’ve even included 13 great money-saving wedding gift ideas!
  • How to select the right music for the reception – including whether it is always best to use a live band or a DJ!
  • 12 things to look for when hiring a DJ – ignore these suggestions and you risk having an awful reception!
  • How to select a photographer – plus, how to best plan your special day in order to get the best work out of him or her!
  • 15 questions you should always ask a prospective photographer – ask these questions and you are sure to hire a responsible, quality photographer!

Your wedding seating plan

Ensure You Have the Perfect Wedding You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

Finally, after all these years of waiting and searching, you’ve met the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life: a companion, a partner to share with you the long nights and the hard days, and the attendant joys of security and fidelity.

You can’t believe your luck.

And now the moment has come: it’s time to plan the wedding – that ancient ritual, that passage into a new form of adulthood. This event is truly a milestone in anyone’s life. It is a joyous, transformative event.

You couldn’t be more excited.

But you’re also a bit frightened of the coming ceremony. You’re terrified, actually.

  • What will the wedding be like?
  • What if something goes wrong?
  • What if you do something wrong?
  • It could ruin your whole life!

First off, relax. Fears and doubts about the marriage ceremony and its attendant rituals are common. They are nothing but a natural human response to an event of great importance – which for many people is the most important event of their lives.

All you need to ensure the perfect day is good planning advice. In short, all you need is the “Wedding Planning Made Easy” ebook!

This ebook contains the tips and information you need to know to plan a truly wondrous event.

You see, magnificent, fantastic weddings – whether 500-guest royal events or 10-person shaded-glen affairs – are the result of proper planning, plain and simple.But planning a great wedding can be a difficult

But planning a great wedding can be a difficult

But planning a great wedding can be a difficult struggle and an intensely arduous process if you don’t have the right guidance. The key question you will face is how to express your own personality in one of the most formalized of human rituals.

How can you keep your and your fiancé’s individuality while still retaining the universal, the solemnity, the gravitas that must necessarily mark a bond based on a choice of lifelong commitment?

How do you balance lightheartedness, beauty and seriousness?

“Wedding Planning Made Easy” will show you how to do all of this – faster and simpler than you ever imagined possible!

Whether you want to plan a simple or elaborate event, “Wedding Planning Made Easy” contains the advice and information you need to turn your wedding into a breathtakingly beautiful occasion – an occasion that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life!

You’ll learn:
  • How to plan your dream wedding – without going crazy or broke!
  • How to properly invite your guests to the big event – and ensure they’ll all want to come!
  • How to select the type of ceremony you will have
  • How to choose the officiant
  • How to pick and purchase the perfect rings
  • How to save money – lots and lots of money – on the cost of your wedding
  • How to choose the members of your wedding party
  • How to select the perfect location for your wedding
  • How to ensure every step of the wedding and reception is carefully planned and executed
  • How to choose your dress
  • What food and drink to serve at the reception
  • Whether or not you should provide take-home gifts
  • How to ensure you hire the right photographer
  • How to select the music to ensure that everyone has a great time
  • And much, much more!

Make Your Dream Wedding Come True!

Make Your Dream Wedding Come True!

The sheer number of decisions you have to make leading up to your wedding can be very intimidating. You’ll have to coordinate all the wedding arrangements, you’ll have to take into consideration both families’ feelings, you’ll have to hire the right professionals, and the list goes on and on.

In fact, eloping might begin to seem like not so bad an idea after all!

But don’t despair. “Wedding Planning Made Easy” takes all the complication and confusion out of the wedding planning process!

You’ll get all the information and advice you need to stay organized and on top of every detail, from choosing a location to planning the ceremony to selecting the reception entertainment!

This comprehensive guide offers support and salvation for the busy couple that wants their ceremony and reception to be perfect, but doesn’t know where to begin!

You’ll learn:

  • Four important things to consider when selecting a wedding ring (how to find the perfect diamond is just one of them!)
  • How soon you should begin looking for your wedding dress and where you should look to find it
  • How to make sure your invitations make the best first impression for your wedding
  • How to find the perfect location for your wedding and how far in advance you should plan to book it
  • The five most popular destination wedding locations and how to decide if one of them is right for you and your fiancé
  • How to make every member of your wedding party – best man, groomsmen, maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer, ushers, reader, guestbook attendant – feel important and special, without offending anyone who is left out
  • And much, much more!And You'll Learn Not Just How to Plan Your Wedding But How to Save Money as Well!

And You’ll Learn Not Just How to Plan Your Wedding But How to Save Money as Well!

Did you know that the average cost of a wedding is approximately $30,000?

It’s true. But thanks to “Wedding Planning Made Easy,” you don’t have to worry about spending anywhere near that much to have your dream wedding!

On the pages of this comprehensive ebook, you will find the advice and information you need to cut your wedding costs, but not your wedding quality!

You’ll learn:

  • How to select a month, day and time for your wedding that could save you as much as 70% off your facility costs!
  • Whether, in the long run, it is more expensive to buy your rings retail or wholesale – this information could save you tons of money!
  • Where you can find a high-quality wedding dress at a bargain price!
  • Money-saving travel tips that dramatically slash the cost of a “destination wedding”
  • 5 ways to save money on invitations
  • And much, much more!This is Your Chance to Learn the Planning Tips, Tricks and Secrets You Need to Know to Have a Dream Wedding!

This is Your Chance to Learn the Planning Tips, Tricks and Secrets You Need to Know to Have a Dream Wedding!

“Wedding Planning Made Easy” is full of practical and fun ideas for creating a truly magical event that will be remembered and cherished by everyone, especially you and your fiancé.

A properly planned wedding will create beautiful memories that will be treasured and cherished forever. An improperly planned wedding may also be remembered forever – for all the wrong reasons!But luckily for you, everything you need to know to plan a perfect wedding is now contained in one comprehensive yet easy-to-read guide!

You’ll get all the tips and tools you’ll need to create a truly memorable event. “Wedding Planning Made Easy” doesn’t just provide a general overview of wedding planning, it covers all of the specific details you need to consider to have a truly wonderful wedding – many of these are details you would probably never think to consider on your own, but can have a dramatic effect on the quality of your wedding!

Ask yourself this question: Don’t you owe it to yourself, and your fiancé to throw the best wedding possible? If so, you need “Wedding Planning Made Easy.” It covers everything from choosing the rings to developing a budget to planning flowers, photography and the reception!

Here’s the Bottom Line on this Incredible

Few things are as exciting as finally setting the date for your wedding. But that euphoria is often soon replaced by dread – the dread of having to plan a dream wedding.

Did you know that planning a wedding requires you to answer over 300 questions? Here’s just a few:

  • “Can I plan all of this myself without going crazy?”
  • “When would be the best date to get married?”
  • “Where should our wedding and reception be held?”
  • “Who should we invite?”
  • “What type of wedding gown do I want and where do I get it?”
  • “Who should be in our wedding party?”
  • “Do we want a traditional ceremony?”
  • “Should we write our own vows?”
  • “Should we have a theme?”
  • “What about decorations?”
  • “What type of food should we have for the reception?”
  • “Should I hire a caterer?”
  • “Should I hire a live band or a DJ?”
  • “What song do we want played for our first dance as man and wife?”
  • “Who will make our cake?”
  • “How should I use flowers to decorate the wedding location?”
  • “Where can we find a good photographer?”
  • “How much will everything cost?”

And there are many, many more questions that you will need to answer!

But the good news is, at last all the answers to the above questions as well as any other wedding planning questions you may have are now available in one convenient ebook – “Wedding Planning Made Easy!”

This fantastic ebook puts everything you need to know to plan the perfect wedding right at your fingertips!“Wedding Planning Made Easy”

“Wedding Planning Made Easy”
Covers Such Important Topics as :

  • The History and Customs of Marriage
  • The Ring
  • The Dress
  • The Location
  • The Ceremony
  • The Invitations
  • The Food and Drink
  • The Flowers and Favors
  • The Take-Home Gifts
  • The Music
  • The Photographer
  • And much more!