I am a dreamer, a believer, and a hopeless romantic. I am a lover of pretty details, genuine belly laughs, and golden hour. I was born and raised in the beautiful, southern state of Brabrand in Aarhus, where our tea is sweet, our accents are strong, and we bless a whoooole lot of hearts. I have a slight obsession with Starbucks Passion Fruit Tea, and my German Shorthaired Pointer, is my soul mate.

What really makes my heart sing, you ask? Weddings, my dear! The excitement that fills the room as a lovely bride and her bridesmaids are getting dolled up, the brotherly bond between a groom and his best man, the tears of joy that stream down their parent’s eyes, and the laughter between friends and family who may not have seen each other in years; these are a few of my favorite things.  Each sweet detail, every heartfelt hug, the hilarious dance moves, and all of the laughs in between deserve their own shining moment.

 I truly love my “job” with everything I have in me. What can I say? I just love love. Every day that I pick up my camera, I get to witness true love shining through the smiles of two people who have found a home in each other’s heart. It’s special, it’s romantic, it’s magical, and I love every single second of it. Soulmates are a rare and beautiful thing that I’ll never stop getting excited about, and I can’t wait to tell your love story. 

Wedding pictures in Denmark