Bridal Shower Invitation 

A bridal shower is a time of celebration, one that will lead to lifelong memories. While it takes careful planning to create the perfect bridal shower, the process does not need to be stressful. Starting with the perfect bridal shower invitations can set the entire theme of a memorable bridal shower.

Why Bridal Shower Invitations are Important 

Bridal shower invitations set the tone for the event, and once chosen, can really take away much of the stress of planning. Bridal shower invitations, when chosen to coordinate with the shower itself, display color scheme, degree of formality, and theme. Once these are chosen and the perfect invitation is sent, then the rest of the pieces fall into place a bit easier. You can use the announcements as a way to guide the rest of your party’s d?cor and theme. 

For example, if your theme is the blushing bride, you could take cues from the soft pink bridal shower invitations, and then utilize shades of mauve and pink throughout the party’s d?cor and favors. 

The Essentials of Bridal Shower Invitations 

Bridal shower invitations must feature the name of the bride, since she typically doesn’t host her own shower, and all the guests need to know whose wedding this shower celebrates. The invitations must also include the date, time, location, and directions, unless the venue is universally known, such as a popular local restaurant. Even if you determine directions aren’t necessary, at least include the address so anyone not familiar can easily look up the details. 

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If there is a theme, this should definitely be mentioned, even if you are convinced that the invitation speaks for itself. Recipients might think that it’s just a creative bridal shower invitation and not realize that the tea cup border signifies a bridal tea. You should also mention if the guests need to bring anything special, whether this relates to the theme, such as wearing red for a romance theme, or bringing a dish to a potluck bridal shower. 

RSVP information is also an important inclusion on the invitation. You should include the name and contact information of the hostess and a deadline. Usually, you mail bridal shower invitations 4 to 5 weeks ahead of the shower. This allows recipients ample time to RSVP or avoid a conflict in order to attend. 

Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas 

Feel free to get as creative as you want when choosing a bridal shower theme. A great way to celebrate the upcoming wedding is to make the honeymoon destination the shower theme. For example, you could plan a tropical shower if the bride plans to honeymoon in the tropics, and you could choose turquoise bridal shower invitations with seashells or colorful beach umbrellas to denote the theme. 

You might also choose the bride’s favorite hobby or local destination for the shower theme. For example, if the bride loves to go horseback riding, you might organize a trail ride at a local park and then finish with a bridal shower picnic. 

As long as you are cohesive and tie your color scheme and theme into your bridal shower invitations, the bride-to-be is guaranteed to treasure the memories of her shower for years to come.

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