It’s an honor to be chosen to be the bridesmaid

It’s an honor to be chosen to be the bridesmaid. This will be one of the brides biggest days of her life and she chose you to stand beside her. Enjoy this time together. Here are some tips for helping her achieve the day of her dreams.

1. Help her gather resource materials such as advertisements for florists, bakeries, travel agencies and bridal stores. Keep a record of color swatches to give to guests who want to know the brides color scheme.

2. Attend bridal fairs together, be sure to collect information for her as you go, carry bags and fill out all the ballots for giveaways, this allows the bride more time to look around.

3. Assist her with addressing labels and placing stamps on the envelopes for wedding invitations and thank you notes.

4. On the wedding day, be sure to pack some light snack for you both as she may have been too busy to eat.

5. Don’t forget your camera, tasteful candid shots of the Bride getting ready can be really fun.

6. Its your job to ensure that the bride looks her best for photos by straightening out her dress, puffing up her bouquet and touching up her make-up.

7. It’s a really extra nice gesture when a bridesmaid goes the extra mile and instead of just giving a speech at the reception she have made a slide show of pictures of the bride and groom with a special song or has even just collected pictures and made a display.

8. It’s also the Bridesmaid’s job to help at the reception. Talk with guests while the bride and groom are busy and dance with the brides brother who may have come alone.

9. Sorry the bridesmaid cannot leave early. She needs to stay and help cleanup, unless someone has been hired to do so, even then she must make sure that some mementos are saved for the bride, such as the centerpiece, part of the wedding cake, and a few wedding favors.

10. The Bridesmaid makes sure the bride gets off ok, that she can get into the vehicle with her dress and vail and that her personal belonging are not left behind. I also think that the bridesmaid should arrange a special treat for the bride and groom either in their car, where they are going to stay the evening or at their home when they return such as a bottle of champagne, basket of fruit, or a nice gift basket.