Edible Wedding Favors 

Have you been having trouble trying to decide on wedding favors that will please your guests and suit your budget? Have you considered edible wedding favors? Edible wedding favors are not only economical, but can be individualized to suit your wedding and are sure to please every one of your guests.

You can choose to make your edible wedding favors yourself, or you could buy small packages of candies and wrap them decoratively, you will even be able to order specialty edible wedding favors from your local bakery or cake shop. To get some ideas of the types of edible wedding favors available you can research them on the internet or browse through the latest bridal magazines for ideas. You will be sure to find an edible wedding favor that will suit your taste, budget and the design theme of your wedding

You will be able to find or even make yourself wedding favors that customized for your wedding. You could bake sugar cookies shaped into the initials of the bride and groom, or you can find manufacturers on the internet who will be able to sell you packaging or wrapping printed with your names and wedding date that you can use to wrap candy or chocolates that you have bought. It is even possible to purchase lollypops or boiled sweets into which the candy maker has placed the bride and grooms names and the date of the wedding. Another option for purchased customized edible wedding favors is chocolates, that either incorporate the names or initials into the chocolate or on the packaging. 

As with most options for wedding favors you will be able to find an edible wedding favor to suit any budget, and that will compliment any wedding. Edible wedding favors are a good choice as they are suitable for all of your guests, edible favors can be appreciated by both men and women and are sure to be a big favorite with any children who are guests at your wedding. 

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Cookies are a long time favorite for use as wedding favors as not only can you personalize them by forming them into the initials of the bride and groom but you can color them to match the colors used in the wedding decorations or the bridesmaids dresses. Meringues colored to match the theme of the wedding are also a popular wedding favor. 

Edible wedding favors are well worth considering for your wedding as they can be quite inexpensive, but are sure to appeal to all of your guests regardless of age. You will be able to make or purchase edible wedding favors that will compliment your color scheme or even favors that are customized specially for your wedding day.