A modern couple would likely enjoy more unconventional gifts

A modern couple would likely enjoy more unconventional gifts such as unique wedding memorabilia, customized wedding toppers, or engraved merchandise. The couple might like to have a plate with a special pen, which can be used in place of a sign in book; it would be a keepsake to be displayed right along with the wedding day photos.

Another cool wedding gift would be customized wedding toppers, photos of the bride and groom can be sent into the company and they will model clay wedding toppers in a likeness to the bride and groom. Engraved merchandise can always give a personal touch to a gift for the couple such as a picture frame for the photos.

The artistic couple would probably love to have roses with their photos or special phrases printed right on the roses. To make this cool wedding gift even better the roses can be delivered in a vase or a preserving dome which will hold the rose perfect forever (just like the couple).

A photo quilt is also a nice artsy gift, favorite pictures of the bride and groom from infancy throughout school years; right until they first met up to the proposal can all be copied to the quilt as a unique and cool wedding gift.

For The Couple That Has Everything

A cool wedding gift for the couple that is hard to buy for a “of the month” club could be the way to go; clubs for cigars, wine, fruit, gourmet dinners, and even more. “Of the month” clubs are a gift that will keep giving for the entire first three, six, or even twelve months of their marriage.

Couple excursions can be another cool wedding gift for the couple that is hard to find the right gift for; sky diving lessons, a weekend white rapid river rafting trip, extreme hiking trip or a personal chef for a day are all gifts which a couple would love to receive.

For Any Couple

A cool wedding gift for any couple could be color changing mugs, with matching loving phrases, that turn lighter when hot coffee is poured in, and darker as the coffee or tea cools; a perfect gift for those quiet weekend mornings.

For fun at the wedding custom garter belts, “bride and groom” chocolate dipped strawberries, or adorable wedding truffles, which also look like they are wearing little tuxedos and bridal gowns made out of chocolate.