So You’re Planning Your Dream Wedding!!

Not Sure Where to Start?

Then join Me, Your Certified Wedding Specialist and other brides from the area in a 4-part seminar series designed to get you on the right path for the “Wedding of Your Dreams.”

How do you turn the Wedding you have been dreaming about into “Your Dream Wedding”?

How much of a budget do you need? What do you have to plan for to get what you really want?

Our 1st Session of the Bridal Seminar Series is about just that.

We explore what your Dream Wedding looks like.  How to stay within your budget.  Prioritizing what’s important and what would be nice.  Incorporate what parents want with your wants.  And don’t forget your Gown – what style is best for you.

Session 2 will take you through your Ceremony and Reception. 

Where will it be?  What does it cost?  Will it be a sit-down meal, buffet or a cocktail party? What music will you walk down the aisle to or dance your First Dance to.  

Session 3 will explore the World of Flowers, Photography and Videography.  

Do you need both a Photographer and Videographer?  Which one is more important to you?  What type and color flowers do you want?

Session 4 will wrap up our Planning.

            What are the legal requirements?  Where do you have to go and what is the cost?  Are you riding in a Limo, Dad’s car or Trolley car? How many guests are you having and do they need hotel accommodations?  And don’t forget hair, makeup, manicures and of course you will want a pedicure.

Whewwwww!!!  There is a lot to think about when planning a Wedding.

See our wedding pictures here