How much do you charge?
Our current prices can be accessed by clicking here. We offer all inclusive Florida wedding and reception packages that include your wedding ceremony/officiant, photographer, and ceremony setup as well as extras like chairs, arches, bamboo canopies, and even musicians. Feel free to contact us with any special requests or to get a personalized quote.

How far in advance do we need to book?
It is impossible to tell. Some dates (especially weekends in the Spring and Fall) get booked over a year in advance, and some dates never get booked. Saturdays tend to fill up first, and our calendar generally starts to get full about 6 to 8 months out. The best advice we can offer is as soon as you have set your date, make your deposits to reserve all of your vendors and venues. Of course, it never hurts to ask – we do have many dates available on short notice, and if you are flexible, we can usually squeeze you in somewhere!

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Do you require a deposit?
Yes. We require a 25% nonrefundable initial payment to reserve your wedding date. Please understand, when we book your wedding date, we take that date off our calendar and may turn away several other clients who are interested in that date. For this reason, your initial payment is nonrefundable.

Where do you normally perform weddings?
We are based in St Petersburg, Florida and specialize in all-inclusive Florida destination wedding and reception packages on Florida’s Gulf Coast from Tampa Bay to Naples. 

We maintain a web page with specific information about each of our favorite beaches and venues:  

We also maintain a database of all of the wedding and reception venues in the Tampa Bay area, and can help you find the perfect space to suit your style and your budget! Contact us for a free consultation!

Can you work with my hotel?
Absolutely – we have a great relationship with many of our local hotels and resorts, and we are happy to work with the staff to make your wedding day run smoothly. We can also recommend a hotel or answer questions if you are trying to decide on a venue, a place to stay, or a place to have your reception.

Getting married in Denmark on a Island?

Can I get married on the beach behind my hotel?
While it is certainly possible, in some cases we don’t recommend it. Most of our beachfront hotels have full time wedding coordinators who handle literally hundreds of weddings each year. Many will charge you for use of their beach, or require a minimum catering order for your reception. Getting married behind your hotel sometimes means working within the hotel’s timeline, dodging other wedding parties, and being herded around the property by their staff. It can really take away from our “Simple Weddings” philosophy, which is to relax, have fun, and make the day 100% about you and your preferences!

Another thing to keep in mind when deciding whether to get married behind your hotel is that most beachfront hotels have things like cabana, umbrella, and watersports rentals on the beach. These can make for distracting backgrounds in your wedding pictures.

What do we do if it rains?
We will work with you to arrange a backup plan for your wedding in case of bad weather.

If you are staying at a hotel, we recommend reserving a conference room or outdoor covered area as a backup plan. If you are having a dinner or reception, sometimes the restaurant will let you use some space in case of bad weather.

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Do you offer chairs, canopies, arches, etc?
Yes! We offer chairs, and we have several arch and canopy options available. The prices for these include delivery, setup, and removal, as well as decor with sheer fabric and a choice of accent color.

Do you offer flowers?
Yes. We have an incredible florist on staff!

Do you offer music?
Yes! We work with several local musicians and can provide a violinist, harpist, guitarist, bagpiper, or steel drums. We can also provide a sound system for your ceremony which allows for recorded music of your choice as well as a microphone for your ceremony.

Do we need a permit?
Permit requirements vary depending on the jurisdiction (City, County, State Park, etc). Check with us on the requirements for your specific venue. We can pull the necessary permit on your behalf for a small fee, or advise you on how to do it yourself.

Do we need to meet beforehand? Is there anything we need to do before our wedding?
Generally, the only thing you need to do is show up with a valid Florida Marriage License, relax, and enjoy your wedding! We are happy to meet with you beforehand, and may do so several times depending on the services we are providing. But it is not a requirement and we sometimes make our introductions a few minutes before the wedding. We like to make things easy and keep it simple, relaxed, and fun, and we will walk you through every step!

What is the best time of day for a beach wedding?
The majority of our beach weddings begin about one to two hours before sunset to take advantage of the best lighting for photography. The light is bright and harsh in the middle of the day where there is little or no shade, and shadows and squinting become a problem. If your wedding is at a home, park, botanical garden (such as Sunken Gardens), downtown, or anywhere there is more shade, you are less restricted by the time of day.

Note: The more guests you have, the more time you need with you photographer. We will advise you on the best time for your wedding.

What is the Copyright Release and how does that work?
As the photographer, per U.S. and international copyright law, your wedding photographer owns the copyright to your images. They are the photographers’ creative art work and “intellectual property”. Unlike many photographers, we allow our clients to purchase their digital images with a copyright release. The copyright release we provide allows you unlimited personal use and reproduction of your images. You are free to print them, e-mail them, put them on your personal website, etc. You can do just about anything except sell them, enter them in photo contests, use them for any type of monetary gain or advertising, or claim that you took them.

Note: Many photo labs will require a copy of your copyright release before they will print your images. You will receive a copy of the release with your order.

Do you edit our photographs?
Once you have chosen and ordered images for your disc, prints, or canvas wraps, each of your images will be professionally edited/retouched to ensure they are of the highest quality

Note: This includes basic editing only (removing blemishes, removing people from the background, cropping, straightening, lighting, etc.). Additional advanced editing (smoothing skin, slimming down, eye detailing etc.) is extremely time consuming and has a separate hourly charge based on individual needs.

What file type do you use? What type of digital files will we receive if we order a disc?
The images you receive on your disc will be jpegs (i.e. yourphoto.jpg).

What size will my digital images be? Can I get them “blown up” to whatever size I want?
Your digital images will be high resolution and can be printed as large as 11 x 14.For larger enlargements, it is best to come back to us so we can go back to the original source file and prepare the image for printing at the highest resolution possible.

Can my digital images be printed in any size?
Your images can be cropped to any size and printed, but you may find that the edges of the image tend to get cut off when cropping to certain sizes due to the change in dimensions.
If you know you want an enlargement of a particular image, let us know and we can crop it to that size. This makes it easier for the photo lab and makes it less likely that your image will look different once it is printed.

Is it best to order prints directly from you, or order my digital images and get them printed myself?
This is a matter of personal preference. Drug stores and department stores are obviously the cheapest place to get your images printed. Stand-alone photo labs usually do a better job, and tend to be a little more expensive. Make sure the photo lab you choose pays special attention to color management and cropping of the edges.

Keep in mind, you usually get what you pay for, and we cannot be responsible for the quality of prints you receive from anyone but us.

If you order your prints directly from us, we will take the time to make sure your image is cropped to the right size and is printed with the right color and brightness. Your image will be more likely to look the same as it does on your computer, and will be printed on high quality professional grade paper by a professional lab.

Can we place multiple orders?
Yes – While your images are available for proofing, you can place as many orders as you like. If friends or family want to order prints, canvas wraps, or a set of digital images for themselves, they are free to do so through the website.

Can we order multiple discs of our digital images?
Yes – If you just want a duplicate disc with the same set of images, there is a $10 charge to cover the time and materials (click on “Products” to add the duplicate disc to your order). If you want two or more completely different sets of images, you will need to place separate orders for each set of images.

You will have to decide amongst your group whether it is easier and/or more economical to order a larger package and get a duplicate disc, or place two separate orders.

Are your canvas wraps the same as the ones I can get ay my local drug store or photo lab?
No. The canvas wraps we offer are professional grade and are the same as you would find in a fine art gallery or professional studio. You can’t generally get them from a photo lab. If you are thinking about a canvas wrap, let us know and we may be able to show you some samples. These are such a unique and beautiful way to display your images!

How long do you keep digital copies of our photographs? Can I order them later if I decide I want more?
Your images will be available for viewing and proofing on our website for approximately 30 days. You can share the link to your images with friends and family, and will need to place your order within this timeframe. If you require additional time for viewing and proofing your images, there is an extra charge of $25 for each two week period. This offsets our cost for hosting your images.

While we do normally keep your digital images on file, this is not guaranteed. We obviously can’t keep thousands of images on file indefinitely, and cannot promise your images will be available for future orders. If you like an image, you are encouraged to include it in your initial order. Of course, if you purchase your digital images, you will always be able to come back and order prints, canvas wraps, or additional editing at any time in the future.

How long does it take you to edit my images? When will I receive my disc?
Your order will be shipped within 8-10 weeks from the time you place your order. Please include this in your planning timeline if you intend to order prints for a special occasion. If you need a particular image quickly, please let us know. We might be able to rush a particular image, but in fairness to our other clients, we are unable to rush your entire order over someone else’s.

Orders are processed in the order in which we receive them, so the best way to receive your order more quickly is to place your order as early as possible during your proofing period.